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Deal Breaker Men Type

Sesekali pengen nulis dalam bahasa Inggris he..he..(Mohon koreksi apabila ada kesalahan ya) :)

Deal Breaker
relationship makes us start asking ourselves whether are we working too hard at trying to make this relationship better ? If it's too difficult, then that's a sign we're in an unhealthy relationship and not with the right partner, or in other words, we are dealing with someone called deal breaker relationship.

There are 5 five major personality types that your partner might fall into deal breaker category :

- The Scripwriter the man who casts a woman into a role. He decides who you are without consulting us. This creates problems - either he never believes , you're constantly misunderstood, he makes you feel like bad person, or there are always reversals going on in your relationship.
For example, he insist you were flirting with your friend. You disagree, but he insists you are, because he feels he knows you better than yourself.

- The Man in Charge
...he always feels like he can't trust what he can't control. Unless he's interjecting his advice, keeping you on tract and checking up on you, he is not happy. He refuses to budge on things and can't trust that you'll be allrite on your own.

- The Man without Fault
   ...he doesn't take responsibilities for his actions. He's better thant everyone else can can't self-reflect. He's always making new friends who adore him.When you take him into your friend birthday dinner, he argues with everyone at the table. If there's a problem in your relationship, he tells you to see therapist on your own.

- The Invisible Man emotionally constricted and shuts down in relationship. He will not introduce you to people close to him and when you organise dinner with your friends, he will never show up.

- The Little Boy
   ...poses as a man and finds life and relationship are easier to handle if he acts like a kid and remains needy. He'll never fully reciprocate your actionsor take responsibilities for this. Career ambition and the future are  foreign words.

When we are in deal breaker relationship, we often use the idea of the future to compensate for now. Like I ever found myself thinking "Everything will work out once he gives me that ring ?".
We become more preoccupied with the future than with the present. Because the present is utterly miserable and the future is all we have to hope for. There are also the depression, hopelessness and helplessness that creep inn fromm continually dealing with deal breaker, because, ultimately, we are also suppressing our personality, so we are not fully who we are meant to be. Once we can define our deal breaker couple, we will know when to work on relationship and when to walk out on it. Coz men are not stupid. They are adult and they heard what we said -if they want to change, he will and if they dont, they won't, no matter how hard we try to persuade them


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