Rabu, 12 November 2008

another poet


Terinspirasi sama mba , dan keadaan hati.. :)

My heart suddenly feels like it was made of lead
My heart suddenly losts it's pace to the fluttering feeling
My heart suddenly stops beating, dead cold in my chest
My heart suddenly slashes heavily, spluttering blood of love all over the place

I want to tear everything..
I want to go somewhere faraway
I want to shout my feelings out
I want to cry like I've never cried before

You should go, never comeback
You should takeback all things you've ever said or give to me
You should never met me
You should have ditch me long ago damn it!

So we won't have this kind of wrong relation
So we won't lost our heart to each other
So we won't betray other people that we love the most..
So we won't be sorry and wished this would never happened..

Ratih, November 11, 2008 04.05pm

*suntuk dan ngantuk...

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